Litsbygden FVOF


Hårkan, Indalsälven, Sännån m fl vatten

  Jämtlands län / Östersund municipality.

Welcome to Litsbygdens FVO with the center about 20 km north of Östersund. In the center there is a grocery store, gas station with kiosk and café, pizzeria and lunch restaurant. Right next door is Lits camping, near the entrance to Lit, with cottages, canoes and boat rentals as well as outdoor swimming pools.

The area includes the Indalsälven from the Långan estuary below the Granbo power plant down to the Midskog power plant. Hårkan from Högfors power plant next to Häggenås down to Lit and 4 rivers that flow into the Indalsälven, Sännsjön and Myckeltjärnen along the road to Husås. Sännån and Örån are relatively easily accessible, while the upper parts of Fjälån and Hällsgårdsån are more difficult to access.

Midskog's power plant was built in 1944 and then the river was raised so that the existing rapids on the stretch disappeared. In the 70s, Granbo and Högfors power plants were built in Hårkan. Below the Högfors power plant there is a section of stream which above all has a good stock of grayling and some trout. The stretch is easily accessible from the E 45 or forest road on the east side of the river.

The Indalsälven has a good stock of pike, perch, grayling, trout and whitefish. Preferably you should fish from a boat in the river. In winter, it can sometimes be nice ice fishing for perch in the bays along the river. In the rivers, we prefer that you release all trout because we work to create self-reproducing stocks.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.

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Litsbygden FVOF

Litsbygdens Fiskevårdsområdesförening manages part of the Indalsälven from Granbo power plant with tributaries within the reservoir, including part of Hårkan.

Through water judgments, we have fish releases every year. 30,000 started trout fry and about 1200 ready-to-catch trout. The fry are released into the rivers with the hope that they will be able to establish a self-reproducing population. The larger trout have an average weight of about 360 g when released. We spread these in Indalsälven and in Hårkan.

We have done biotope conservation work in Hårkan, Fjälån, Sännån and Örån. We are now focusing on laying spawning gravel in Hårkan and Sännån.

Within the area there is a pond leased for fishing.

We have made agreements with adjacent areas so that the limit for the validity of fishing licenses will be simple and unambiguous.

We also manage the Treälvskortet, which is a joint fishing license for Litsbygdens FVO, Granboforsens FVO, Hissmofors FVO, Nedre Långans FVO and Nedre Hårkans FVO .

The area is also included in the Hair Card .
A collaboration between five fisheries conservation areas according to Hårkan's water system, with a common fishing license. Incoming fisheries conservation areas are: Valsjöns FVO, Föllinge Kyrkslätt FVO, Sandviksjön Edsforsens FVO, Nedre Hårkans FVO and Litsbygdens FVO .

Organization number: 893202-7256

Customer number: 799, Area: 759.

Contact persons

Göte Hällestrand
0703 - 58 43 16


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