Lagan FVOF (Hamneda-Traryd)


Lagan och Trarydsdammen

  Kronobergs län / Ljungby and Markaryd Municipality.

Our beautiful approximately two-mile long water can be said to be divided into three different areas of prerequisites.

In the north, the water flows quickly over hard and rocky bottoms. Here you will enjoy both trout and rainbow and all our pike. As this part is a bit difficult to access, therefore, the availability of rough fish is high here.

The water then passes into a submerged still floating oak with a bit softer bottom. Here, common species live in large numbers. Good access to the goose in the majority of "deep holes", pike and perch is in the main to the founders.

To the south, at "Flobodaforsen", the river flows into Trarydsdammen. A six kilometer long water magazine, formed in 1946 when the power plant dam in Traryd was completed. The magazine offers all kinds of bottom conditions and depth variations, ranging from depths to depths of up to twenty meters where the water is deepest. All the water's prevalent species can be found here in the south. Reports on coarse catches are common.



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Lagan FVOF (Hamneda-Traryd)

1988 skapades fiskevårdsområdet. Flera hundra fiskerättsinnehavare upplät fiskeskötseln till den nya föreningen.
Styrelsen kallar till offentligt årsmöte varje vår genom annonsering i den lokala tidningen.

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