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Laxsjön, Långbrohöljen

  Västra Götalands län / Bengtsfors Municipality.

Laxsjön is located at Billingsfors and just south of Bengtsfors. The lake is part of Dalslands Kanal's lake system. Several larger inflows come from the northern and western parts of the lake. One in Billingsfors from Lelång via Bengtsbrohöljen and the other in Skåpafors which comes from Lake Svärdlång. Stenebyälven flows into the western parts of the south south of Billingsfors. In the southern end of the lake is Långbron and via Långbroströmmen the water flows to Långbrohöljen (which is also included in the Laxsjön fishing area) via Mustadfors and to the next lake Råvarpen. Laxsjön's deepest place is about 57 meters.

Lake Lax is a lake with relatively clear and cold water. The beaches around the lake are mostly mountains, rocks and rocky beaches. There are also some shallower coves available. Mostly in the northern part of the lake and the eastern part at Fjäll. There are a total of eight islands or smaller islets. Around the lake mostly coniferous forests grow with elements of deciduous forest. Billingsfors is located on the west side of the lake and the paper mill is visible from the middle parts of the lake. The picture of Baldersnäs is dominated by the south-eastern side of the lake. A large nose that lies in the north-south direction and the northern tip of the headland called "The End of the World". At the end of the world there are wind shelters and camp sites. On the eastern side of the lake there are buildings such as summer cottages and villas. In the northern parts of the lake you can see some buildings at Skåpafors otherwise the image of forested slopes is dominated by the lake.

The lake has a natural trout stem and every year trout are caught in weights up to 7 kg.

Pike and perch reach high weights in Laxsjön. Largest pike of 15.1 kg and perch of 2.4 kg!
Good ice fishing on coarse perch.

Fish species: perch, pike, roach, bream, whip, whitefish, broccoli, larvae, lake and trout.

NOTE! Catch & Release on all trout regardless of size. For pike, fish between 50 and 80 cm must be picked up!

Boat launching:

Long bronze marina

  • Launch ramp in the southern part of Lake Laxsjön, here is also a guest bridge, etc.
  • Road surface ramp: Asphalt
  • Parking: Yes adjacent to the ramp
  • Dock: Yes
  • GPS: 58.93760, 12.28560 (WGS 84 decimal)

Billingsfors Marina

  • Popular ramp on the west side of Lake Laxsjön
  • Road surface ramp: Asphalt
  • Parking: Yes, gravel plane at the ramp
  • Dock: Yes
  • GPS: 58.97775, 12.25061 (WGS 84 decimal)
 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)

Fish species



Sportfiskerekort 2,45 kg



Sportfiskerekord 15,1 kg

Brown Trout


Sportfiskerekord 9,1 kg



Common bream


Sportfiskerekord 4,5 kg







Sportfiskerekord 4,7 kg









Org ID: 1115, Area 1075

Laxsjöns FVO

Laxsjön's FVO manages fishing in a lake in Dalsland with good stocks of coarse trout, pike, perch, lake and bream.

Contact persons

Ulf Godtman:
070 - 330 16 16


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