Lögdeälven - Västanfjällets FVOF

  • Blue iron during ice removal
  • Blåtjärn, Possibility to fish from a wheelchair on the jetty.
  • Lögdeälven at Bränna
  • Gunnar's agga
  • Restoration of Gunnar's agga
  • The lower part of Långforsen.
  • Långforsen upper part
  • Långforsen lower part
  • One of the two Långfors huts
  • The neck of "Lill Bjurn"
  • Lillänget's Wilderness Camp
  • Lögdeälv's salmon 12.3 kg
  • Lögdeälv's sea trout 5.2 kg,
  • Lögdeälv 29 April 2024
  • Lögdeälv's trout
  • Lögde trout
  • Svartforsen in Lower Karlsbäcken
  • Upper Karlsbäcken
  • Slåttertjärn Swimming area with jetties, outdoor gym and barbecue area as well as trout fishing
  • Storforsen, good grayling and trout fishing, then also salmon from the latter part of June.
  • Storforsen, Suspension bridge
  • Klapptjärn's hut

Lögdeälven-Västanfjället FVOF

  Västerbottens län / Bjurholm and Nordmaling municipality.

Welcome to the Lögdeälven-Västanfjället FVO

Now it's drawing to a close when the river opens on May 1, unfortunately it looks like it will be a while before it breaks this year. Last year it broke on this day, May 26, but now the ice is still there. But if it gets warmer, it will probably go quickly.

You can find our digital 24-hour, weekly and seasonal fishing licenses here at iFiske.se

The weather right now and the coming days : www.yr.no/nb/værvarsel/graf/2-2701781/Sweden/Västerbotten/Bjurholm%20Municipality/Karlsbäck

The water flow in Lögdeälven right now: Current hydrological situation | SMHI - Water web

For more information see our website www.vastanfjallet.se or on Facebook, Lögdeälven-västanfjällets FVO http://www.facebook.com/groups/597841600998804 .

The area is the top of three fisheries management areas in Lögdeälven where salmon and sea trout migrate.
In addition to Lögdeälven, there are about 15 other ponds and watercourses, see link for more info.

About | Lögdeälven-Västanfjället FVO (vastanfjallet.se)

The area stretches from the border with the Lögdeälven FVO at Bjurvik up to Storforsen, 3-4 km downstream of Övre Nyland, which means that you can fish here in a stretch of about 9 km.
The area is above Fällforsfallet and previously only had a local stock of trout and grayling. Because a fishway was built at the falls in the late 1980s, salmon and sea trout have also been able to migrate up this part of the river. In recent years, it has been shown that hundreds of salmon pass Fällforsfallet, which is why salmon fishing in the area has become increasingly attractive.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Lögdeälven - Västanfjällets FVOF.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

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Lögdeälven - Västanfjällets FVOF

Lögdeälven- Västanfjällets FVO, is located within the municipality of Bjurholm, in the province of Ångermanland and in the county of Västerbotten. This part of the Lögdeälven lies above Fällforsfallet and previously only had a local stock of trout and grayling. With the creation of the salmon tunnel in the late 1980s, salmon and sea trout have also been able to migrate up this part of the river. However, there has been a very limited upswing until 2012 when something happened. We do not know if it is the tougher regulations for salmon fishing in the Bothnian Sea/Baltic Sea, but from having an annual increase of a few tens of fish, 662 fish went up in 2012 from the time the counter started at the beginning of July until October. In recent years, these positive numbers have continued and the summer of 2019 was a record year with 1,367 salmon and trout passing the fish counter in Fällfors.

The work continues with the river-based salmon management plan within the Lögdeälven-Västanfjället FVO together with Mo-Lögdeå and Lögdeälven FVO.

The flotation restoration (ReBorN) of Lögdeälven is now complete within our FVO. It will be exciting to see how the result will be in the long run. https://www.facebook.com/restaurering

Previously, Fällforsen was considered a hiking obstacle, which is no longer the case! These regulations from the Swedish Fisheries Agency apply to numbers in the Lögedeälven within the Lögedeälven-Västanfjället fishery management area. Detailed regulations can be found in the "Fishing regulations" menu.

Salmon and sea trout streams

For watercourses that have stocks of salmon and sea trout, the Norwegian Fisheries Agency has issued special regulations for the stretch from the estuary area up to the first migration barrier (FIFS 2004:37).

Applies to Lögdeälven and the lower part of Karlsbäcken (to the first rapid)

Minimum dimensions: Salmon and Trout 50 cm, Grayling 35 cm

Within the Västanfjället-Lögdeälven FVO, fishing for salmon and trout is prohibited in Lögdeälven from September 1 and for the rest of the year.

Only 1 salmon and 1 trout per fisherman per day is allowed.

There is a well-marked and maintained hiking trail following the river. In connection with it, there are overnight cabins. These are free to use by walkers and fishermen. Adjacent to the river at Lillänget, there is a wilderness camp with the possibility of setting up a caravan/motorhome. There is also a small floating museum here.

ATTENTION! It is not the fisheries management area that owns the cottages and the Camp, but Karlsbäcksbyggden's development group. In the cabins and at the camp, there are payment cards that you can pay to the development group on a voluntary basis so that they can continue to maintain the trail and the overnight cabins. So if you have used the cabins or the Wilderness Camp, it is good practice to leave a contribution!

Organization number: 802600-1779

Customer number: 3400, Area: 3457.

Contact persons

Christer Jonasson



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