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  • northeastern part of the estate
  • Angling at Välsnäs 2022/2023
  • Lennart's island
  • Wind shelter with fireplace on Tallön
  • Dock at Ekerum
  • Northern part of the lake well
  • Sunset
  • The Valentine bath
  • Poachers at Välsgärde???
  • Winter view
  Kalmar län / Högsby municipality.


Välen is a clear water lake with an area of 266 hectares, with a maximum depth of 18 meters - the average depth is 4 meters. The lake also has several islands and inlets.
The lake, which is located just northwest of Fagerhult, houses a strong stock of pike where fish between 3-5 kg are common.
The well also has potential until larger fish exempla up to 15 kg have been caught.
But to get in touch with the bigger fish requires, as usual, patience, know-how and a good portion of luck.
Larger zander were introduced last in 2021 from Bolmen, but it has also been introduced on 3 previous occasions.
The perch has also developed very positively in recent years and the majority of larger ones are often caught.
The bottom structure of the lake consists alternately of blue clay, soft bottoms and stone. lake vegetation is sparse in most of the lake, with the exception of the shallow bays in the northern parts of the lake where aquatic vegetation spreads to a greater extent. The lake's shores are mostly solid with elements of blocks and slopes along the east side. Välen's surroundings mainly consist of coniferous forest, but also pastures and deciduous forest are a common feature.
The opportunities to fish from shore are generally good, especially along the eastern side of the lake.
In addition to Välen, there are 2 smaller waters with associated fishing called Vrången and Skälsbäcks gölen.

Young people up to 15 years old fish for free.

Fishing licenses are also sold by the Merchant in Fagerhult, there are 2 boats for rent
(at the road bridge towards Soläng) The boats are rented out by the shop Handlaren in Fagerhult during current opening hours. Can be rented by the hour, full or half day)


Välenbadet camping 073-3800973

Skälsbäck's school museum hostel 072-2041745

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)

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Välens FVOF

Keeps fishing together in Lake Välen, Vrången and Skälsbäckgölen.
For the money that comes in, we try to find favorable measures for fishing in the lakes.

31 landowners together have a fishing organization called Välens FVO and has a board of 5 people whose chairman is Thomas Jerneng tel 070-3338045.

Välen's FVO has trained supervisors for fishing.

Organization number: 012050-6100

Customer number: 586, Area: 546.

Contact persons

Thomas Jerneng

0703 - 33 80 45

Jimmy Svensk
0703 - 76 20 59


Fishing areas nearby Välens FVOF

Feresjön, Kiasjön mfl.
Tämmens FVOF
Älghults SFF

Affiliated fishing areas in Kalmar län
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